I read a book called “The Genius Factory” and there’s a chapter on the eugenics movement. It details how the wealthy and intelligent needed their population to have as many babies as possible to outweigh those of the stupid and poor. The movement was so successful that the government conducted forced sterilizations for years. They herded families that had a recent history of defective brains into their own colonies.
What also entered my thoughts was Elon Musk’s thoughts on eugenics. He has 5 sons and said it was his duty to bring children into the world as he was so successful and his success could beget their successes.
It should be noted that at the time of writing, the population of developed countries has be stagnant. More and more couples are deciding to forgo having children, or delaying them to pursue careers or whatever else. In Japan, the classroom has shrunk, in some parts, to one child a classroom. It’s an inverted triangle.
Meanwhile, families in developing countries are exploding with children, so much so that they can’t be supported. Each person and more so is covered by the birthrate while here families will produce one or two children, so max that will displace each parent. The population is level. There is no growth or shrinkage, but overall, counting for gay couples, sterile, or those who just choose not to have children, the population is getting smaller.
I had a discussion on the topic of the immigration and refugees being allowed into developed countries. Canada allowed 100,000 Syrian refugees about two years ago. He said we have no place to put them and so the economy and they are suffering for it. The families of refugees are supported financially for the first year and nothing afterwards. The homeless situation is growing grave. Our resources is dwindling.
As far as I see it, immigration and awarding refugees asylum is the answer to underpopulation.
We live in a rich countries with many opportunities for everyone. In Canada, education is free, healthcare and the newly legislated pharmacare is available for most people. We are not so advanced that there are not jobs out there for the layperson. I could hire them if I wanted, but I don’t know any.
And then I heard of established refugees looked around and claimed that the country needed to stop letting more in. I was confused. My family and theirs came to Canada as refugees.
Look at us now. Each of us make a 6 figure income and pay 5 figures in taxes.
Taxes. That’s the payout. That’s why countries let in foreigners.
As a solution to the declining population, we let in people who have less of a chance solely because they live in poor countries. They take advantage of the freedom, yes, but also of the resources so that they too can become successful like us. So that they can live the way we do and benefit from it because in ten years the government can tax the hell out of them as they become productive civilians.
They are the solution to a much greater problem. If people really do have a problem with this population taking over, then these xenophobes should have a bunch of babies. Make sure they go to school and don’t do drugs and don’t commit crimes. Then Canada’s doors will narrow.
Sure it does not look good right now. Refugees are living below the poverty line, relative to other Canadians. But I don’t think it looked any better in the 80s when my parents arrived with my siblings. Four small children and two adults lived in a two bedroom apartment in a complex filled with similar family dynamics. Now we all have our own houses. We live in the West side. We are building new homes. It took us 25 years, but it happened.
To that extent, we should also consider adoption more seriously. If people can’t have babies to replace us when we pass, we can try to mentor those locally and give them a better advantage in life. Don’t want foreigners? Do your own chores and help around the house, figuratively. If we adopt, we don’t promote immigration and we build a better future for everyone.
But a growing population is the answer for countries who are finding their numbers dwindling. Whether we reproduce (and build a good platform for them) or outsource is up to us.

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