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No matter how smart you think you are, you’re not as smart as you could be. Bill Nye (THAT Science Guy) said in his commencement speech to UMass Lowell graduates: Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t.” So if you’re a homebody like me or don’t meet new people every day, I implore you to heed this: go listen to some podcasts! They are extremely informative. You learn so much of the world one earbud at a time. By the end of the day, I always feel satisfied that at least I learned one new thing. I could have gone years before attaining whatever topic was discussed and that’s just a shame. Therefore, I present the ones I subscribe to.

Mo’Money Podcast

A Canadian personal finance podcast, Jessica Moorhouse started, humbly, as a blog and successfully turned her side hustle into a full time career. This was my first subscription and she and her variety of guests were the inspiration behind Pen to Public. All of their blogs became successful and it seemed that the secret ingredient was persistence. As well, though, I know more about credit scores and mortgages and minimalism because of Mo’ Money.

Freakonomics Radio

Stephen Dubner is half of the brainpower behind Freakonomics the book and its sequels. Well researched, well produced and the topics discussed give me ideas to write about.

Beyond the To Do List

A productivity podcast, when a good episode hits me, I’m on the go for the rest of the day. It can be as effective as a double espresso.

Ex Boyfriend Recovery

The title is self-explanatory. Likely my least favourite podcast of the bunch, I will unsubscribe later but I compulsively finish things I go a little further than dipping my toes into. And when you’re going through a break up, you’re all emotion and no logic, so it wasn’t until episode 20 when I came to the conclusion that it’s content didn’t jive with me.

Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Episodes are usually 5-10 min long and Hussey gives advice the goes beyond love but for life.

The One You Feed

This is a new subscription for me. It deals with mental illness and the host, Eric Zimmer, invites guests who brings a perspective to the same parable used in every episode: There are two wolves inside each of us, a good and bad wolf. Who wins? The one you feed.

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