Life Hack ABC: Accountability Buddies Conquer

Last week a friend of mine asked me to be her accountability buddy and she mine. She emailed me a contract, pledged her time and vows, signed in blood and the rest of the nine yards. Her outrageous plan was more than welcome.

We’ve done this before, but it was towards a common goal. Corrine* and I registered for a 5K and race day was less than a month away before we realized neither of us trained at all. A few more days passed as we panicked and we each considered either bailing or walking the whole 5K so it still somewhat counted (it would be the most expensive stroll through downtown Toronto I had ever taken) until she proposed the idea to check in with a run stat every few days lest we suffer an immediate and tangible consequence. Corrine gave birth to the most productive time of my life.

Fast forward 3 years and a detour of lives lived, I was pursuing writing and she had grown fond of weight training. The trouble was both passions were easier said than done. I obvious needed a push to keep writing and posting entries on my blog. Corrine was slacking off on her workouts. The deal was for me to publish and she had to pump iron, both occurring twice a week or pay the other person $20.

Corrine lives in a big metropolis, alone, with rent and bills to pay. The girl is a queen at budgeting. I live in a much smaller city hours away but I’ve always been super stingy. Thus began the new lifestyle swing for the rest of 2017 and hopefully going into the beyond. By New Year’s Eve, she’ll be down 5lbs and my posts will achieve mediocre status.

I encourage everyone to find an accountability buddy. Studies have shown them to be effective. And they can’t be just anybody off the street. You almost have to fear letting them down, so someone you respect, someone of authority. Buddy up with a single person or a group of like minded folks. Mastermind Groups are a great option, though I don’t know from firsthand experience. Or go the route Corrine and I chose which was to up the ante. We don’t want to lose $20 due to laziness, when that money can easily go towards a savings account or cheese and wine.

So go forth, find your passion, and find that special somebody. (Um, this post has passed the Bechdel test.)


*names changed due to privacy

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